Rideshare Reserve for Drivers

What is this?

This is a TESSELATE project founded on a new style of business integration that allows your clients or riders to reserve you for future trips to and from airports primarily while utilizing a TNC provider* (see below). We didn't invent this model. We just made it better.

This system can enhance your operation as an entrepreneur. This is primarily helpful for the full-time, experienced drivers. New drivers need to learn how to use the TNC app and get comfortable with the business first. Once you have that down, ask your mentor or a member of the tesselate team, and we will do our best to assist. If you are ready for the next step then see if AIRZURV is a good fit into your operation.


  • You get a domain bit.ly link to where you can share with your clients for them to reserve you directly. 
  • You and the rider receive text notifications and emails on confirmation and reminders of the reservation that has been made.
  • You  will appear in the national listing on the mobile app, TESSELATE under the Rideshare Reservation option.

You get listed on a national listing.


If you want to separate yourself from the norm, and distinguish yourself from the average TNC driver, then this is the business enhancement for you.

This was created by rideshare drivers, for rideshare drivers. Our pledge is to keep it that way for you.

The subscription fee is for the TNC driver only. Your rider will be responsible for the booking fees.

Any other transactions must be completed between you and your rider.

Please note: The ride must be completed on a TNC service.

Both you and your passenger will receive email and text notifications of the confirmed, changes, cancellations and reminders of the reservations made.

Proceed with caution and stay vigilant on growing your business!

The registration process should take about 72 hours to complete. Please be patient. We want you to be as successful  as you can be.

*TNC stands for Transportation Network Company (i.e. Uber, Lyft, etc.)

When you you are ready to start the subscription process, you will need to be ready to upload the following images:

  • A professional headshot picture of yourself. Like you would put on LinkedIn. 
  • A screen shot of each TNC application you utilize.

After you have paid, check your email and click on schedule the next available time spot to schedule your setup process date.

To subscribe please go here :

Monthly $5.00


Yearly $30.00